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The Story Of Beauty And The Beast


Fairy tales continue to enthrall and fascinate the young generations' minds for decades. They love classic stories that are more thrilling and fun to watch. Beauty and the Beast has been one of the most popular animation stories.

Beauty and the Beast is the story of a beautiful maiden, Belle, who loves reading books so much that the town's most appropriate bachelor is enthralled by her. His name in the story is Gaston.The life in the small French town becomes more dissatisfying to her because of the self-absorbed and conceited Gaston who is incapable of understanding that Beauty cannot offer the affection he needs and does not feel anything for him.

The Beast lives alone in an old abandoned castle. He is a prince who has been cursed by an enchantress for not being a compassionate and loving man. The curse transforms the good-looking prince into an unattractive Beast and all the servants into candlesticks, dinnerware, and other motionless objects. He can only be freed from the curse by finding love before the fall of the last petal from the rose he was given by the enchantress. He is supposed to find true love or be a Beast forever.

 Beauty’s father makes a bad move that unites the lives of Beauty and the Beast inadvertently by both the father and the daughter being held captive by the Beast. She in turn pleads for her father’s release since he is old and gives herself up for arrest. This gives them a chance with no option to spend much time together.

 After being together for long, the hardened and bitter Beast starts to soften and fall in love with Beauty. And since she is not an ordinary teenage girl, she teaches the Beast how to find the value of companionship and love again. Their love story hence forth blossomed but Gaston and other town’s marauders outside the castle claimed to have Beauty return to the village. They threatened to slay the Beast if Beauty is not freed.

Beauty is allowed to visit her father by the Beast.She tries to persuade them to leave the Beast alone and not kill him but the villagers will hear none of that. And since the Beast was wounded, Beauty tends to his wounds but not on time to save him. After that she says goodbye to the Beast with a true love kiss.

The kiss transforms the Beast into a very handsome prince and all the pots and pans in the kitchen into human beings servants. And Beauty and the Beast finally wed. The prince invites Beauty’s father to live with them in the castle. They all live a happy life thereafter.